Jazz Drawings

Shirley Sheppard



"While my sculpture presents the natural earthy colours,I want my paintings to be vibrant and lively,often depicting scenes from literature or mythology. They are not meant to depress or portray a wider social meaning, they are there to evoke a feeling of immediacy and to query the narrative that is passing between the characters.

While I do work in oils and acrylic, I have a love of watercolour because of its transparency and the well thought out spontinaity which I employ when using them." ............Shirley Sheppard

My work is at blandscliff gallery and studio, 9 Blands Cliff, Scarborough and other selected galleries

Oil paintings based on Literature and Mythology

Two Loves have I


Bottom & Titania 1

Bottom & Titania 2


Europa and the Bull 3

Europa and the Bull 1

Europa and the Bull 4


Europa and the Bull 5

The Riders Return





Europa and the Bull 6


Europa and the Bull 7

Watercolours - Australia
Watercolours - India, Pushkar

Watercolours - England


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