Jazz Drawings

Shirley Sheppard



“While I do work in oils and acrylic, I have a love of watercolour because of its transparency and the well thought out spontaneity which I employ when using them. Colour is for me the essence of them all. My work does not portray a wider social meaning. It is to evoke a feeling of immediacy and to query the narrative that passes between characters, often depicted from literature, mythology, dance and music.”.............Shirley Sheppard

My work is at blandscliff gallery and studio, 9 Blands Cliff, Scarborough UK, and other selected galleries

Watercolours - 2019 (prices 50-300 GBP depending on size)
abstracts based on The Turquoise Coast,West Australia

2019 a

2019 b

2019 c

Watercolours - 2018 (prices 50-300 GBP depending on size)
abstracts based on West Australian Salt Lakes

2018 a

2018 b

2018 c


2018 d SOLD

2018 e SOLD

2018 f


2018 g

2018 h SOLD

2018 i


2018 j


2018 k SOLD

2018 l SOLD


2018 m

2018 n

2018 0

Watercolours - 2017 (prices 150-300 GBP depending on size)
Australia beaches and outback

2017 a SOLD

2017 b SOLD

2017 c SOLD


2017 d

2017 e SOLD

2017 f


2017 g SOLD

2017 h SOLD

2017 i


2017 j SOLD


2017 k

  India, Pushkar (prices 50-350 GBP depending on size)

India aSOLD

India b

India c


India d

India e

India f SOLD


India g SOLD

India h SOLD

India i SOLD

English Gardens at Burton Agnes (380 GBP )



Earlier watercolours (prices 150-300 GBP depending on size)



Pelican 1 SOLD

Pelican 2









Gum nut



Italy 2


France 3 SOLD

Oil paintings based on Literature and Mythology (prices 400-1,500 GBP depending on size)

Two Loves have I


Bottom & Titania 1

Bottom & Titania 2


Europa and the Bull 3 SOLD

Europa and the Bull 1

Europa and the Bull 4


Europa and the Bull 5

The Riders Return





Europa and the Bull 6 (PRIVATE)


Europa and the Bull 7

Life Cycle


Aphrodite (private)

Adam (private)

Picasso Fish andChips


Bottom and Titania SOLD

Dance of the Bulls


After Degas 1SOLD

After Degas 2SOLD

Desdemona SOLD




Brown DanceSOLD


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