Shirley Sheppard


"Many of my sculptures bear the marks of the wood fires they have been subjected to.They have survived the flames they were created in and show the natural and spontaneous scars associated with their making. Many have been fired several times creating layers of experience: Different clays are combined. Drawings and galzes used. Each one is unique having its own accidental character that can never be caught in bronze, stone or wood."

My work is at blandscliff gallery and studio, 9 Blands Cliff, Scarborough UK and other selected galleries


The Process

Early sculpture    

Walking home from the woods


Walking home from the Sea



Tenmoko glazes




Celedon Glazes




The violinist


The Clarinet player


My Yellow Hat

Vessel Man

Wood Firing with shell marks


Bird House wood fired porcelain Early bird catches the worm
  Painters garret wood fired porcelain

Writers House

  Seagull wood fired porcelain Fish on my head Raku


The Black hole of Brexit..

As an artist with many friends in all areas of the arts, who work and exhibit throughout Europe I am so saddened by leaving the EU and the fumbling of Whitehall.

Peace cooperation and open easy exchanging with each other are for me the essence of our artistic lives.




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